Hey there, it’s me, Lif

I’ve blogged before. You might have seen my stuff on my original Mage Music blog, or on my website, lifstrand.com, or even my Patreon page. The original MM (Mage Music) blog was more focused on the music of Jimmy Page and for the moment I’ve said what I want about that. I started this blog so I could have a place separate from my personal one, where I babble on about my adventures (hiking, bread making, cooking, wrassling with writing and photography and fabric art).

Yeah. This is a place where I babble on about magic.

Not magic as in card tricks, but as in manifesting from the non-physical to the physical. It’s not a new or even unique concept, but I like to think that my point of view is just different enough that maybe sharing it would be an okay thing to do.

So I am.

[Note that I’m learning how to use this WordPress interface, so everything is subject to change for a while!]

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